• Joshua Broadbent

The Content Byte - Podcast Editing

In March 2020 Rachel Smith (from Rachel's List) and Lynne Testoni (a journalist and content writer) approached us to edit their podcast The Content Byte, where they serve up weekly short bites of advice, tips and strategies for freelancers who make a living from using their words.

The podcast episode lengths vary from 30-45minutes and feature local and international guests like John Espirian, Jennifer Goforth Gregor and Rebekah Lambert.

Over the past year we have continued to edit The Content Byte on a bi-weekly basis, you can find some of the episodes we've edited below.

Rebekah Lambert on running a Facebook group (without it taking over your life)

A successful Facebook group can be a powerful thing - whether you're using it to create a community of like-minded people, to teach others, to gather feedback or to sell stuff. But how can you build a successful group, keep people talking - and stop it taking over your life in the process? In this episode, we chat with Freelance Jungle founder Rebekah Lambert, who knows a heck of a lot about FB groups and community management. Tune in to listen to us cover: Why you might want to start a FB group What Rebekah wishes she'd known before starting hers Her tips and strategies for creating a thriving group that doesn't take hours of her actual day Dealing with different personalities and member requests Management tips for coping with groups that become bigger than Ben Hur Getting help running your group with moderators Monetising a FB group And lots more! Unashamedly Creative: https://unashamedlycreative.com.au/

Freelance Jungle website + directory https://freelancejungle.com.au/

Sign up to the Freelance Jungle https://www.facebook.com/groups/freelancejungle

How writers can get results on LinkedIn, with guest John Espirian

Want to know how to harness the power of the LinkedIn platform in order to get noticed / find more clients? In this episode, self-confessed LinkedIn nerd and technical copywriter John Espirian shares a heap of valuable tips and tricks. Listen in for essential profile tweaks, the kind of content to write (and why the algorithm favours comments), the dangers of automating posts, whether premium accounts are worth it, tapping into the silent jobs market, finding clients to reach out to and much more.

Finding content marketing clients with Jennifer Goforth Gregor

We talk to content marketing queen Jennifer Goforth Gregory about moving from journalism to content marketing, why it's so important to have niches, positioning yourself to clients and agencies as a subject matter expert and her three-pronged approach to marketing yourself. She also shares a rough script on how to write an LOI (and why it's just a starting point and not the 'whole date').