• Joshua Broadbent

AussieTheatre - Social Media Managment

In March 2020 while looking to build on our portfolio we approached AussieTheatre to work together at building their Instagram community, as we felt with the pandemic looming the Australian Arts community are going to turn to Instagram to continue to celebrate what they love.

Now, AussieTheatre is an interactive theatre and arts platform servicing the Australian performing arts community and theatre-going public. Their aim is to create an engaging and informative platform that supports an appreciation of artists and the Australian arts industry.

With that in mind, their Instagram presence was lacking, with only a few posts being published within the first three months of the year. We knew that there was something we could do to help boost their social game.

Over the next 12 months we showed Peter, Sean and Gabi (the team behind AussieTheatre) the importance of a regular schedule, tagging people, and ways to get the community to engage. We created templates for general posts, week in reviews, ask the agent and more (which you can see below). As well as asking our audience to engage in polls, Q&A's, and even quizzes.

Since August 2020 the community has grown from 3580 followers to 5555 (which is up 55.17%) Originally when we started with AT their instagram followers sat close to the 2000 mark. We are incredibly proud of that growth and so are the team.

Currently we are still working with AussieTheatre and look forward to where the partnership goes in the future.

Here are some examples of the templates created.