Popcorn Podcast with Leigh & Tim

Entertainment journalist Leigh Livingstone and movie expert Tim Iffland review the newest film releases, plus break down the latest trailers and movie news. Bite-sized, moreish and a little salty – this is Popcorn Podcast with Leigh and Tim.


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An Audiogram gives a small taste to tempt passers-by enticing them to listen to the episode. Using a combination of images and sound the 10-40 second audiograms contains key elements of the Popcorn Podcast logo (both static and moving), a poster or image from the movie being discussed and a clip of audio to engage listeners. 

Check out some examples below.


Each episode of the podcast sees Leigh & Tim discuss the latest movies they have seen, plus talk about any movie news and trailers released that week. Because the movie news world is ever changing every episode of the podcast is recorded at the end of the week and uploaded for 6pm on Sunday. Below are some episodes we have edited.

Birds of prey
The invisable man
Special - Academy Award Nominations 2020

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